Maximizing Impact: A Client’s Journey with Kraken Ads’ Exceptional Creative Strategy

Written by Kraken Staff

March 12, 2024

At Kraken Ads, we specialize in crafting eye-catching, authentic video content that resonates with viewers like you. Our expertise lies in creating videos that mirror the genuineness of user-generated content, making our work stand out. 

We’re thrilled to highlight a standout Instagram campaign we developed for Nikki Mark in this campaign spotlight. Through sharing her deeply personal story, Nikki aimed to offer support and healing to others, and we at Kraken Ads were proud to amplify her message to a broader audience.

Who is Nikki Mark, and What’s Her Story?

Nikki Mark’s journey of healing and support began with a heart-wrenching loss that would change her life forever. In 2018, Nikki faced every parent’s worst nightmare when her 12-year-old son, Tommy, passed away unexpectedly in his sleep, just days after a visit to their trusted pediatrician for chest pains. The doctor had reassured them it was just growing pains, a common issue during puberty. 

This devastating event unfolded after a poignant conversation between Nikki and Tommy during a drive to a soccer match, where Tommy curiously pondered the permanence of sleep and the pain of loss for a parent. These moments became a haunting prelude to Tommy’s sudden departure.

Driven by her profound grief and the desire to help others navigate their own paths of loss and healing, Nikki turned her sorrow into action. She created a platform on her website,, to share her experiences and offer support to those facing similar pain. 

Nikki provides a free toolkit designed to aid in the healing process and has also authored a book titled “TOMMY’S FIELD: Love, Loss, and the Goal of a Lifetime.” Through her website and her writing, Nikki aims to create a community of support and understanding, offering hope and resources to those who, like her, are searching for ways to heal from the unimaginable loss of a loved one.

Instagram and Facebook Campaign Objectives

For our campaign with Nikki Mark, our main goals were pretty clear. We wanted to make sure more people heard Nikki’s touching story and the valuable lessons she offers on her website. Our job was to get more folks to engage with her posts, visit her site, and use the helpful tools she’s put together, such as her free toolkit. Another big goal was to encourage people to support Nikki’s mission by getting her resources, which help others heal from their own losses.

We faced a tricky challenge, though. We needed to lower the cost of getting each person interested (what we call Cost Per Lead or CPL) without losing Nikki’s message’s real, heartfelt vibe. We also wanted to make sure that the urgency—how important it is not to wait to heal—came through loud and clear.

At Kraken Ads, we’re all about making genuine and engaging video content that feels like it’s coming from a friend. We take care of everything from thinking up the idea to making the final video. This campaign was a chance to show off how good we are at getting people’s attention on Instagram, making sure Nikki’s message was both seen and felt.

Kraken Ads Creative Strategy for Nikki Mark 

For Nikki Mark’s campaign, our creative strategy at Kraken Ads was all about making the videos feel real, like a friend shared them. We chose to create videos in a UGC (User-Generated Content) style. This means the videos looked like Nikki herself could have made them, adding a personal touch that connects viewers to her story.

We kept the editing minimal on purpose. Too much editing can make a video feel less genuine, and we didn’t want that. We wanted people to see and feel the realness in Nikki’s message. By doing this, we ensured her story of loss and healing was front and center, touching hearts in a way that polished, heavily edited videos might not.

Adding urgency to the updated video was another key decision. We highlighted the importance of not waiting to seek healing. This wasn’t just about creating a sense of immediate need; it was about emphasizing that healing is a journey that should start as soon as possible. This approach helped us meet our campaign goals by making the message authentic and urgent, encouraging people to act now by visiting Nikki’s website and accessing her resources.

Campaign Success

One of the biggest wins from our campaign was bringing down the Cost Per Lead (CPL) – that’s the cost to get someone interested in Nikki’s story – from $2.50 to under $1. This was a huge deal because it meant we could reach more people without spending more money. Lowering the CPL wasn’t just about saving money; it was integral for spreading Nikki’s message far and wide, making her healing resources more accessible to those in need.

Seeing this change in numbers showed us how effective our creative strategy was. By focusing on authenticity and urgency in our UGC-style videos, we made a real impact. For a clear view of how our approach evolved, check out the first video here and the updated, more urgent video here. These links directly look at our creative journey and the tangible results it produced.

Kraken Ads’ Role and Expertise

Our involvement in Nikki Mark’s campaign was all-encompassing, covering strategy formulation, scripting, remote direction, and careful editing. Our strength lies in producing content that captures attention and connects deeply with the audience. In Nikki’s case, we focused on presenting her own, very personal story in a way that felt true to her experience and relatable to others.

Given the campaign centered around Nikki herself sharing her journey, there was no traditional casting process. Instead, our challenge was to guide Nikki in sharing her story in the most natural and impactful way. We worked closely with Nikki through remote direction, providing her with the support and direction needed to authentically convey her emotions and message. Our editing process was intentionally minimal, prioritizing the authenticity of her narrative over polished production.

Kraken Ads’ expertise in crafting content that resonates on a human level was integral to the success of this campaign. We believe in the power of genuine storytelling, and our approach ensures that the stories we help tell are not only seen but also felt. 

Elevating Stories, Amplifying Voices

The Nikki Mark Instagram ad campaign stands as a testament to what heartfelt storytelling and strategic creativity can achieve. For Nikki, it meant spreading her message of healing further than ever before. For potential clients, it’s proof of Kraken Ads’ ability to turn unique stories into impactful campaigns. 

Our success with Nikki’s campaign highlights our expertise in crafting content that truly resonates. Interested in seeing what we can do for your story? Reach out to learn how our creative strategies can elevate your campaign.

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