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Helped over 200k people make a free will while raising billions for charity

Kraken played a pivotal role in FreeWill’s outstanding accomplishment of securing over $7.8 billion in charitable bequests. Leveraging our expertise, we efficiently scaled their advertising campaigns to $3m+ while reducing their cost per acquisition (CPA) by 25%+.

To achieve this goal, we’ve developed a comprehensive national prospecting campaign to expand marketing reach & employed geofenced targeting techniques to drive precise and impactful marketing messages to their desired audience. The result is an exceptional achievement of over 200,000+ conversions and billions in value. Further solidifying FreeWill’s position as a leader in the industry.

200,000+ Conversions

CPA Reduced 25%+

$7.8bn+ in Charitable Bequests

We Feed Raw

Scaled acquisition for a quickly growing subscription raw dog food service

Kraken helped drive exceptional results for this growing online dog food business. Applying a non-branded paid search acquisition aided in this client’s rapid increase in online subscriptions.

Through ongoing experimentation and management of scaling paid search efforts, we were able to not only achieve target CPA at scale within 2 months, but drive 3000+ conversions within a mere 3 months, eventually leading to a $4.5M in lifetime value.

Drove 3000+ in conversions

Hit target CPA within 2 months

$4.5m+ in LTV


Increased sales for ‘high-ticket’ e-commerce business

Kraken helped maximize sales for this premium wireless sound system retailer. Delivering high ticket products at a $500 minimum value, Kraken helped drive over $500,000 in gross revenue as a result of paid sources.

Additionally, we were able to achieve a consistent 10x ROAS across our Google and Meta ad campaigns. Not only did we help DiamondBoxx achieve a timely, profitable milestone, but we helped them grow significantly in time for a large merge with an audio parent company in 2022.

Drove $500+ in gross revenue

Achieved 10x+ ROAS across campaigns

Supported to the point of acquisition


Increased hardware e-commerce sales from $0 to $500k+ in 2 years

Kraken played a substantial role in driving e-commerce success for this commercial hardware company. Through developing a new shopping ad strategy, we were able to bring DoorsForPros from $0 to $500k in sales.

We helped the client achieve these numbers through optimization of large product feed, while using A/B testing to find a winning strategy. Additionally, we were able to successfully transition users from a manual shopping experience to a more creative approach through Performance Max. As a result, we were able to drive the company at a 4.5x ROAS.

Increased sales by $500k

Drove a 4.5x ROAS

Developed Shopping Ad strategy to exceed business goals

My Bed Bug Lawyer

Developed case lead acquisition strategy for industry leading lawyer

Kraken continues to achieve milestones with the country’s most notable bed bug law firm. In the first few months, our efforts helped encourage a steady stream of case leads for My Bed Bug Lawyer at the legal industry standard.

The positive, yet overwhelming response by our ad campaign efforts surpassed our initial goal to the point of pausing ad campaigns while the legal office could catch up. All overflow cases were offloaded to a larger, nationwide legal office, helping expand MBBL’s overall business and online presence.

Helped drive a personality-driven, brand awareness campaign

Developed a case lead acquisition strategy

Achieved case leads at less than 10%


Successfully lowered CPA with ‘new’ creative approach for emerging, smartphone service for kids

Working with this kid’s mobile phone company has been an exciting endeavor for the Kraken team. In the first few months, we were able to resolve major issues like a tracking disruption that affected Pinwheel’s ability to monitor ROAS. 

In addition to resolving ongoing issues, we were able to develop and improve creative strategy through user-generated content and social media ad carousels. We were even able to pay under what we originally estimated for CPA. 

As a result of optimizing our voiceover ads and new designs to promote their product, we were able to improve our creative strategy to help Pinwheel launch groundbreaking new apps such as PinwheelGPT, the AI chat app designed for kids.

Increased ROAS from 2.40 to 7.15

Developed and improved creative strategy

Overall CPA: $59 (goal: $135)

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